The Breakfast Experience at Åsens by
Step in to the year 1900 and the life in a small village with red cottages framed by gorgeous settings. We are happy to invite you to experience and follow the daily routines of an ordinary but peaceful morning at Åsens By. No need to worry if you´re the sleepy kind, a new day at Åsens By awakens in a slow pace, accompanied by the sweet, serene sounds of nature. The sheep bleating in the meadows, the happy sounds from the hen house and the buzzing of bees.
The labor starts at an early hour to care to the needs of all the farm animals. It´s a labor carried out with a lot of thought and free from stress. The serenity of the early hours invites the mind to reflect. When the animals have gotten their breakfast, it´s time for yours.
Breakfast - the most important meal of the day. At Åsens By the breakfast table is set for you, just as it has been for the inhabitants of the village through the years. Back then everything served at breakfast came from the farm animals and the crops harvested from the surrounding fields. We´re proud to say nothing has changed in that aspect. Bread, butter, eggs and honey, directly from the animals and fields of Åsens By.
Breakfast at Åsens By should be enjoyed in the same way the new day begins, slowly with a moment for reflection. As the scent of freshly made coffee and newly baked bread fills the air, life at Åsen gradually awakens to a new day. Simple, serene and rich in experience - the perfect start to your day.

The Breakfast Experience at Åsens By is available between 15th May and 15th September.

To make a reservation -
A minimum of five people in order to make a reservation.
5 – 12 people
350 SEK/ person
Remember to wear good shoes and to dress suitable with regards to the weather and the fact the Breakfast Experience starts with an out door walk, visiting the farm animals as a part of the early morning labor routine at Åsens By.