About Åsens By

Åsens By Culture Reserve is an example of what a village in Småland looked like, 100 years ago. The small fields are enclosed by wooden fences and old varieties of wheat, rye, oats and barley are grown. When it is time to harvest the crops, we use old methods as much as possible. Horses are also used in some of the farm work.
Native breeds of cow, sheep and pig graze in the pastures, and bee-hives are found in the orchard. We work together with the national native breed association and are affiliated to respective gene bank to ensure the survival of the breeds.
Most of the buildings are now used for different types of activities, for example, a museum and a small shop. However, a dwelling house, a barn, washhouse and a privy have been retained in their original state. Tekla´s House (Teklas hus) has been left largely as it was when the last family member, Tekla, moved out in 1989. There is no water or electricity and the house keeps its 1900-1920`s character.
There are a number of marked nature and culture trails in the reserve. In the forest around Åsens By you can follow the Outfield trail (Utmarksleden), approximately 5 km, and you can visit the Outlook plateau (Utkiksberget), 315 m above sealevel. It offers beautiful views over the landscape below.
During the season we welcome you to our cafè, where we serve a light lunch and homemade pastries. All products are locally produced, and with a "taste of Småland". In our shop, you can buy handicrafts and other local products, such as Åsens honey.
At Åsens By Hostel you can stay all year round, accomodated in one of the different buildings which makes up the village Åsens by. Each building offers an enjoyable, old-fashioned feeling which will last throughout your stay at Åsens By.